Indoor / outdoor runs! Large and small dog and cat boarding in Norris!!! Check out our Gross pictures... If you dare! We'd recommend you be seated!

Please call us! Clinton (865) 457 5626

Norris (865) 494 8696

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Laser surgery in progress... Watch your eyes!-----* but not your wallet. We don't charge extra to do things the way we believe they should be done. Ask us about our surgical suite and the options available to ensure the best care for your pet, including appropriate use of our CO2 Laser! Now available at both locations!!!!!

 Dr. Will has finished both basic and advanced laser surgery courses at Ohio State Veterinary College!!! We've now have two 30 watt laser!!! Now that's HOT!!!

Voted the # 1 Animal Hospital(s) in Anderson County in 2009, 2010, 2011, and now again in 2013!?!

We continue to be honored and humbled by this recognition from the people of Anderson County. We hope that 2012 represents another great medical facility doing awesome rather than ours letting the community down. Either way, we're speechless that we would be recognized again this last year! Our team of animal health professionals takes our responsibility to provide cutting edge medical care for your pets very seriously. Our commitment is to couple big time medical advances with down home service and creative solutions to meet each family's needs. We are Blessed to have such wonderful clients who have entrusted us with being a part of their pets' health care. We look forward as a family to many more years of service to your animals.

Proheart 6 injectable 6 month heartworm is back!!!!

The safety that we all new and believed in has been reconfirmed and we are thrilled to welcome back the 6th month injection to safely prevent heartworms in dogs. No more missed pills or pills thrown up in the back yard where they do no good. Please call or stop by to see about getting your dog's heartworm prevention put on autopilot.

OFA Hip/elbow x-rays without sedation! We rarely have to sedate dogs for quality x-rays (2 in the last 17 years?), and have an amazing acceptance rate by People travel from all over to let us help them obtain OFA certification for their prize breeding animals.
We are now officially part of the City of Norris!

We have a 30 watt laser at Norris so we can perform the same advanced surgeries at both clinics! Still no additional charges to do things the way they ought to be done. We have in house diagnostics, x-ray, blood chemistry analysers... Really the only things we refer to our Clinton office are orthopedic surgeries, endoscopic procedures, and dental cleanings (we still are waiting to get a wet table installed so we can do those in Norris)

TTA surgical option at Anderson County Animal Hospital has been awesome for many dogs!!!

Dr. Will has completed training in the Tibial Tuberocity Advancement (TTA) technique of Ruptured Cranial Cruciate Ligament repair. This exciting procedure is comparable in most dogs to the TPLO which has been the Gold Standard of repair. Unless there are angular limb deformities or extremes in the tibial plateau angulation, TTA is being found to have a lower complication rate and quicker recovery times than the TPLO. We definitely recommend you explore all surgical options for your pet following an injury or illness. While we will still gladly refer you for TPLO surgery we are excited to provide a newer, less expensive, and truely comperable technique for your pet. For more information on the TTA procedure, please read this informational document on the TTA by the surgeon who trains veterinarians all over the world, and from whom Dr. Will received his training. Here's an information page from the website of a group of board certified surgeons trained as Dr. Will was, in the TTA procedure.

Update! 2014 Masters Level?

Never being content, Dr. Will went back for more continued training and attended the first ever Masters Level Course in TTA surgical knee correction. Continued reinforcement of the latest techniques as well as advanced problems solving were studied, and there was great reassurance that this is indeed a viable and successful way to approach the rupture of crucaiate ligaments in dogs. Further, we have now had the chance to cut our teeth with the TTA surgical procedure for Ruptured Cranial Cruciate knee repair, and we love it. We have been blessed with a fantastic success rate with very few complications. The complications we have had are inherent in this type of correction of such a devistating injury, but continue to be infrequent and typically temporary in nature. We covet simple and easy, and loathe anything that threatens to rob our patients of complete healing. So far, the TTA really seems to be that good of a surgical technique and we feel increasingly confident to offer this as a choice on the treatment menu for knee injuries for your dog.

Anderson County Veterinary Clinic in Norris!!!!!

We feel like a part of the community!

We have settled into our new, more spacious, and renovated building at 2822 Andersonville Hwy 61 Clinton, TN, directly across the street from the Museum of Appalachia! We opened in January 2008 as

Anderson County Animal Hospital Norris

in the building next door. We will provide the same excellent service while being much closer to the East Anderson County/Norris/Andersonville region. Our Norris Hospital includes an in-house laboratory, updated surgical suite, anesthetic monitoring, Laser Surgery for no extra charge with our new 30 watt CO2 laser, and x-ray! Our new facility will provide two waiting areas, to segregate animals who may not sit well together, two exam rooms, an expanded treatment area, and boarding!!! We will continue to care for your preventive needs through vaccinations, flea and parasite control, and nutrition. Please welcome us as we make this next level of expansion into the Norris/Andersonville community!!!!

That's right... We're boarding in Norris!!! Indoor outdoor runs suitable for large and small dogs! Separate heating and air! Cat condos! We're open 6 days a week and provide full service boarding for your pets' needs. Come by and see our updated medical and boarding facilities!

We are proud members of the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce! Both clinics support our Chamber and we are excited to have this opportunity to partner with so many other fine Anderson County businesses in this fashion.
We are members of the Veterinary Surgical Laser Society with "Dr. Will" having achieved status as a "Fellow"
The Anderson County Animal Hospital is basically remaking the wheel. It was a great clinic as the Animal Hospital of Anderson County, and we hope only to build and improve on that foundation. The clinic has been purchased by a family of two veterinarians, Drs. Will and Tara Roberts. "Dr. Will" has worked at the clinic along side Dr. Melissa Wilson for ~5 years, and both he and Dr. Wilson will continue to be the primary veterinary staff with the addition of Dr. Tara. Everyone should expect the same caring and compassionate team of animal lovers who want most of all to keep your pets healthy, and to restore them to health quickly and inexpensively in the event of illness or injury. Please look around to meet the staff, learn more about our practice philosophy, visit some of our favorite links on the internet, even see some gross pictures to give you a feel of some of our daily challenges. Be patient, this is a work in progress, and check back often for updates and new items.